Firm Vision

As a young international design company, our interests lie in creating great buildings which exceed our clients expectations. In so doing we are specifically interested in defining a memorable and appropriate form for the building: a form which solves the program – satisfying the questions of spatial organization and functional adjacencies, budget, schedule, and technology – in an elegant and refined manner, yet within a framework that is responsive to the local culture, the urban or suburban patterns, the natural environment, and the socioeconomic setting.

We believe a building’s details are just as important as a powerful, overall vision, and we are innovative and cutting-edge in the use of technologies in our designs, as well as in the organization and delivery of services. Through our collaborative arrangements with firms in China, India, and the United States, we are a 24/7 operation willing to be anywhere in the globe on the shortest of notice – to work on any project which is challenging and contributes to improving the quality of the environment. Our projects include hospitals, museums, hotels, office buildings, educational facilities, luxury villas and clubs, and range in scale from thousands to millions of square meters. We actively nurture cooperative relationships with local firms in the global environment, and use our knowledge of design and technical expertise to provide insight and support to the native company. We create unique solutions for challenging commissions for global clients in the US and China, as well as the Middle East, India, Korea, and Vietnam.