Design Services
The principals have experience with nearly all project types, including program-rich health care and research facilities. Our architectural staff in Chicago and in China combine exceptional creative design ability with superior project administration and technical capabilities, as well as an unmatched work ethic. Driven by a focus on design excellence within a highly collaborative, inclusive team approach, the firm’s architects are helping to create important buildings and places across the globe.
– Preliminary Code Search and Zoning Analysis
– Building Design
– Sustainable Design
– Post-Occupancy Evaluations
Pre-Design Services
Understanding our client’s goals and objectives – so that they may be properly accounted for with respect to scale, size, image, budget and timing – is the most critical aspect of the architect’s role. A clear and achievable Design Brief, often called a Program, is a crucial, fundamental tool in achieving outstanding buildings, particularly those of a highly complex technical character. Our team has broad skills in this area.
– Needs Assessment
– Space and Area Requirements
– Existing Facility Evaluation
– Site Selection
– Budgeting
Planning and Urban Design
Whether in the dense urban fabric of a large metropolis or a rural, ex-urban setting, we are comfortable in creating exciting and economically viable places where people can live, work, and shop. Our work has helped to shape logical design frameworks and development guidelines for a variety of programs, all with a view toward preserving and enhancing the existing environmental context.

– Site Selection – Site Capacity Tests
– Feasibility Studies – Master Planning
– Urban Design – Community and Town Planning
– Downtown Redevelopment – Waterfront Planning
– Design Guidelines and Development Standards
– Land Use and Zoning Analysis

Landscape Design
Through our partnerships we can offer the entire range of Landscape Design Services. Where an environmentally sound and culturally informed solution is required, our team works carefully to retain the harmony of place where each of our buildings are sited. We have broad experience in designing parks, greenbelts, and plazas.

– Site Design – Landscape Design
– Hardscape Design – Water Feature Design
– Plant and Materials Selection – Artwork and Sculpture Selection

At the core of all of our endeavors is sensitivity to the world around us and a desire to leave this world a better place. From the very inception of a project on through to the ribbon cutting we implement environmentally sustainable practices in our design. Sustainable design is a complex process of not only selecting the proper materials positioning and shaping the building’s form, but also includes having the capacity to negotiate in an informed manner on budget, and requires the powers of diplomacy and communication necessary to encourage the implementation of new ideas.
– Direct and Indirect Environmental Impact
– Energy Conservation and Efficiency
– Indoor Air Quality
– Resource Conservation and Recycling