Shenyang Performing Arts Center



Location: Shenyang, China
Designed in: 2007
Size: 40,138m²
Client: The Government of Shenyang City
The Shenyang Performing Arts Center is designed to enrich cultural opportunities in the city of Shenyang and express a universal love for classical music. Located at the prominent and important south gate to the city, across the Hun He River, the new facility will be the anchor to a larger complex of museums, entertainment venues, and creative enterprises. It contains an audio-visual experiential “black box” for 100 seats, a chamber hall to accommodate 450 seats, and the symphonic hall of 1,200 seats. The resulting “Y-shape” composition aligns the Performing Arts building on a southwesterly axis so that the building’s fluid lines and graceful form rise to meet the corner, thus anchoring the eastern half of the gateway. The alignment of the Art Museum is mirrored along a southeasterly axis. The design is that of a bird spreading its wings, which are to be made of concrete with fiber optic slab. The unique decoration will turn this miracle architecture into an iconic landmark of the city.