Taiwan Tower



Location: Taiwan, ROC
Designed in: 2010
Size: 44,000m²
Client: The Government of Taichung City
The Taiwan Tower design revolves around separations and connections. The museum tops the site in the north while bridging back to the center of the tower. The tower is formed by three segments that stretch the height of building. The three principles are made up of self-cleaning colored glass squares and represent the people and different ethnic groups of Taiwan. The color also matches those of the R.O.C. The tower rests on the museum bar, which forms an east-west gateway. A multi-story fish tank is located under the museum at the base of the tower, marking an edge of the gateway. The government office building takes the form of Chinese characters meaning double 10, commemorating the R.O.C. rise to power on 10 October 1911. The double 10 form also creates a north-south gateway to the tower, becoming a dramatic entrance to the government office building.