Tangshan Xiangyun Island



Location: Tangshan, China
Designed in: 2010
Size: 1,155,836m²
Client: Beijing Guotai Shangcheng Property Co., Ltd 
Xiangyun Island Tourism area is located on China’s northeastern seaside, surrounded by Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, and Qinhuangdao. This project includes a new sea-crossing bridge, as well as the community planning and design of a cohesive, unique, and culturally-branded tourist destination, which includes three distinct sections: Sea Studios, Golf Theme Park, and a high-end hotel district, while achieving sustainable eco-development goals. The Sea Studios is based on the Old Summer Palace, and maintains the original spatial relationships between the buildings and water, creating a pleasing balance with a sense of timelessness. The two championship golf courses on the Island are based on ancient golf courses in Scotland. The west end of Xiangyun Island is slated for a high-end hotel community with five 5-star hotels, comprising about 5,000 acres of land.