Shanghai East International Medical Center



Location: Shanghai, China
Designed in: 2008
Size: 65,030m²
Client: Shanghai East Medical Center 
The Shanghai East International Medical Center is located near the famed Jin Mao tower in Pudong. This replacement hospital project is geared toward high-end healthcare service which embodies a “five-star” hospitality environment. The new hospital adds 400 inpatient beds to the existing 800, and 20 state-of-the-art operating rooms will also be added to the campus. The building is shaped to reveal the complex nature of the programmatic and site requirements while providing exterior continuity with the existing hospital and becomes the ‘joint’ linking the old and new hospital, providing functional as well as visual continuity between the two parts. The outside of the elbow faces the prominent urban corner of the site, creating an identifiable image to the city. The inside of the elbow defines the internal campus space while working with the existing site circulation. Parts of the architectural design also reveals internal functions and structures symbolizing the operations of imaging (the ability to see within the body).