Caoxi Road Shopping Center



Location: Shanghai, China
Designed in: 2007
Size: 99,811m²
Client: Caoxi Greenland Comprehensive Development Corporation 
A key element of the ongoing redevelopment efforts on the outskirts of Shanghai, this office and retail complex is organized around a circular outdoor plaza, which provides a public gathering area for the surrounding region. Positioned on one end of the long, slender site and clad in stone, steel, glass, and Trespa panel, the tower is sculpted to form a marker for the regional center. Shops and restaurants are organized to face the public streets as well as the inner courtyard. The strong, vertical form of the office block is set in counterbalance to the horizontal lines of a five-story tall screen / video wall which fronts the main public face of the project. This highly-prominent feature channels pedestrians into the core of the development and allows for greater length of shopfront within the retail portion of the building plinth. It also acts as a signboard for the entire development.