Taiyuan Coal Chemistry Center



Location: Taiyuan, China
Designed in: 2007
Size: 124,000m²
Height: 100m
Client: Colloquium of Taiyuan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Taiyuan is a city that was founded on the coal mine industry and is the route to the city’s economic success. The Coal Chemistry Center (also known as the Coal Tower) is an iconic building in Taiyuan which not only represents Taiyuan’s long history, but is also a symbol of Taiyuan’s prosperous future. The tower gently curves with an atrium at its center. The complex features a luxury hotel to the west and office facilities to the east. Arriving from the north people can walk down the long retail hall. The south of the site features a trading center and exhibition hall which boasts a magnificent atrium. The towers’ tallest apex points towards the historical caverns to the southwest and metaphorically show the relationship among the history and future of Taiyuan.