Taiyuan Haixin Steel Headquarters



Location: Taiyuan, China
Designed in: 2007
Size: 309,430m²
Height: 100m
Client: Shanxi Haixin Iron & Steel Group 
The Haixin Steel Headquarters building is a metaphorical expression of the core values of the Shanxi businessman while celebrating the Haixin Group, as walking under the tower is like passing through the gate of the garden of success with hands up in victory. Inspired by the architecture forms of Pingyao and the business culture of Shanxi Province, this design holds true to the core vision and goals of the Shanxi Haixin Iron and Steel Group. The strength of the architectural design can be seen as a connection to the achievements of Haixin Group and its glorious future. It will become an irreplaceable and unmovable symbolic gate for the Taiyuan Development Zone and all of Shanxi Province.