Jiangsu Benefits Rise Group Headquarters



Location: Nantong, China
Designed in: 2010
Size: 48,000m²
Height: 100m
Client: Jiangsu Benefit Rise Group
The architectural design of the Jiangsu Benefit Rise Group Headquarters Tower is inspired by the culture of JBR Group and Nantong. Nantong played an important role in China’s historic silk trade; therefore, the design embraces the process of how silk is created and how the silk worm grows and transforms into something beautiful. This project creates a strong corporate identity for Jiangsu Benefit Rise Group. The typical floors are based around a central core with segregated elevatoring. The tower is planned with a 6-meter wide grid to accommodate large hotel rooms while also allowing for a 1.5 meter planning module. The hotel floors center around the core, with rooms stretching to the west like a shedding cocoon that bounds the south edge of the site.