SIMZ Technology Center



Location: Shanghai, China
Designed in: 2006
Size: 94,533m²
Height: 80m
Client: Shanxi Haixin Iron & Steel Group 
Situated on a brownfield site just south of a major canal route on the outskirts of Shanghai, this mixed-use project designed as a “production, learning, and research base” includes a range of SOHO-style office and residential types to meet an increasing demand for housing in the Shanghai metropolitan area. The master plan fulfills strict guidelines for a mix of unit types, including townhouses, mid-rise flats, and high-rise condo units with a generous mix of efficiency units to meet the municipal regulations for affordable housing. The site is arranged to maintain pedestrian and visual connections which lead to the historic canal, an open space amenity that has undergone more than a decade of rehabilitation and refurbishment.

Massing and materials were arranged to create a neighborhood integrated into the highly-developed landscape program, where indoor and outdoor spaces merge together, creating a quiet and harmonious setting. Buildings are clad in natural stone where they face the existing city and clad with Trespa panels where they face internal private streets and courts. Though four floors in height, the top floor is articulated in glass to diminish the overall sense  of massing and scale – the buildings read as three, rather than four, floors.