Sichuan Media Group Headquarters



Location: Chengdu, China
Designed in: 2009
Size: 93,500m²
Height: 80m
Client: Sichuan Media Group
For the Sichuan Media Group headquarters, our approach is to take elements of the SMG corporate culture and incorporate them into the new campus, while also introducing affordable green technologies that help the indoor and outdoor environment, ultimately reducing costs. We implement simple but advanced construction techniques which allows the project to be economical without being cheap. The building design is inspired by the newspaper, expressing information to the outside world. Paper is naturally thin and easy to manipulate, yet the strength of the message it contains always endures. The forms generated in the design embrace this concept, and give interest to the otherwise oblique corner “L” configuration. When one views the newspaper from the distance the words are not clear, and it is no longer black and white; instead, an intriguing texture of tones emerge.