Sichuan Media Group Industry Center



Location: Chengdu, China
Designed in: 2012
Size: 93,193m²
Height: 173m
Client: Sichuan Media Group.
Phase Two of the Sichuan Media Group Complex is located on the northwest corner of the site, and consists of a 173 meter tower with retail, SOHO, and 5A office functions, as well as the adaptive reuse of an existing building to the south. In keeping with the design concept of Phase One, Phase Two is also a newspaper, rolled up held in the hand of an avid reader, reluctant to let it go, expressing our insistence on the continuation of paper media. Unlike Phase One, which reflected the feeling of approaching a wall to read news, this landmark building, at 173 meters, expresses written news but also suggests a signal tower, conveying the idea of information transmission on much grander scale.