Locomotive & Rolling Stock Plot



Location: Shenyang, China
Designed in: 2007
Size: 2,805,000m²
Client: Sino-Ocean Land
Shenyang is an historic and civilized ancient city, and also one of the most important equipment manufacturing industrial bases in China. Our plot is located in the Shenyang Huangpu District Locomotive Engine Factory, a center of culture and education, and the design maintains a foothold in the industrial culture, with the existing structures informing the development of commercial and residential neighborhood forms. Through careful organization, commercial, office, residential, and cultural areas are intermingled and interconnected through public landscaping, while ensuring the privacy of residential space. Part of the old factory on the south side of the plot will be given new purpose as a creative industry park. Within the residential area, use of the original tracks forms a unique landscape texture, with active and public buildings distributed throughout. To serve the community and commemorate the land’s history, a light rail system connects the expanse along the main street between the residential and commercial areas.