Baoli Xinkainan Road



Location: Tianjin, China
Designed in: 2010
Size: 120,000m²
Client: Tianjin Baoli Group
The Baoli Xinhainan Road project consists of eight 30-story residence buildings, each standing at 100 meters tall, and a 170m long two- and three-story boutique retail street. There are 811 apartments ranging from 110m² to 230m², in a total construction area of 120,000m², which includes a residential area of 108,000m² and a commercial area of 12,000m². All residence buildings surround a central park with man-made lake, which is an integral component of the complex-wide rainwater and greywater recycling system. All residences have either a view of the Jiyun River or the central park. Expertise in classical design was applied to achieve a luxurious residential and commercial complex in the neoclassical style.