Made in Hongze



Location: Tianjin, China
Designed in: 2006-2008
Size: 165,828m²
Client: Tianjin Hongze Construction Group Co. Ltd
This project is currently under construction, with two phases completed. The Hongze neighborhood site is typical of large-scale residential projects in large cities. This site, like others, is a series of large urban “super blocks,” each further split into a series of long narrow lots sized to accommodate a typical mid-rise, double-loaded corridor building of 12 to 15 floors, often nondescript and concrete in form. We designed our five such super blocks with a varied massing, achieved by allowing the program to be expressed along the exterior of the facades. The Trespa, stone, glass, and metal cladding differentiates these buildings and this district as a special and unique development within the larger regional context. Though the buildings are of similar scale and use to surrounding super blocks, they are distinctive and provide a higher standard for development in the area.