Nanjing Road Commercial Plaza



Location: Tianjin, China
Designed in: 2012
Size: 101,200m²
Client: Tianjin Youlian Group
This project is more than a functional and programmatic envelope; it is a place for Tianjin that is inspired by legend and history. In this place a celebration of life is invoked through prosperity and what the future holds while understanding the past – drawing people from near and far. Recalling legends and history, the site is shaped by nature and man while respecting the earthquake memorial. The earth is pushed and pulled to create a central plaza where life can be celebrated. The displaced earth surrounds the plaza with land bridges, terraced plateaus, cracks, strata lines, and other earthly forms that create a window between the past and future. The past stories of this place are recorded in the stone faces for generations to have an understanding of what has occurred in the area.