Covenant Village of Northbrook: Building A



Location: Northbrook, Illinois
Designed in: 2008
Size: 121,000sf
Client: Covenant Retirement Communities
Covenant Village of Northbrook is a CCRC located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. This new independent living residential building is three stories with underground parking, containing 56 high-end units in a variety of 1, 2, and  3 bedroom plans. The building was designed for accessibility and flexibility for independent users of all types. Comfort and hospitality are incorporated into the design of both the living units and the communal spaces. The multi-functional community room serves as a node for activity for the building – users can have coffee with friends, take the grandchildren down the accessible deck to feed the swans at the ornamental swan pond, or wait for a caravan to town. The exterior façade relates to the adjacent newly constructed town center, which is a composite of brick and stucco with varying roof levels. Enclosed walkways connect all campus buildings to the highly utilized town center, where residents get meals and recreation.