Langfang ECO-Health City



Location: Langfang, China
Designed in: 2010
Size: 386.45ha
Client: Beijing Guotai Shangcheng Property  Co., Ltd
There is a significant demand for senior living facilities and services in China and the senior population continues to grow. This project is designed to meet that demand in a self-sustaining, modern community. Located in a prime location in the middle of Hebei Province along the developing belt between Beijing and Tianjin, it is positioned to serve the senior needs of many burgeoning cities in northeastern China. The site currently contains a central agricultural area, which has been tilled by local farmers for centuries. These villagers will move to modern housing in a community node within the project, and they will continue to work their land, providing local, organic produce for the neighboring communities. Highrise, midrise, and villa housing will be available to families and support staff, and each village area will have a community center with retail, office, and medical support infrastructure. This project is designed to be walkable, to promote active, healthy lifestyles and is the perfect living environment for a multi-generational family.